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Problem from Audio Visual Focus Topic

Postby DTingey_1C » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:16 pm

How do you solve this problem, I keep getting non-whole numbers but the answer is n=6 :/.

An excited hydrogen atom emits light with a frequency of 1.14 x 1014 Hz to reach the energy level n = 4. In what principle quantum level did the electron begin?

Thank you

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Re: Problem from Audio Visual Focus Topic

Postby SnehinRajkumar1L » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:46 pm

You would solve this using the delta E equation. Substitute hv (Planck's constant * frequency) for delta E and set up the other side using the difference in energy (-hR/n^2-(-hR)/n^2). Plug in the appropriate numbers and solve. Don't forget to inverse and square root properly and you should get the right answer.

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