Pre-Calc and Calculus

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Reina Robles 2B
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Pre-Calc and Calculus

Postby Reina Robles 2B » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:33 am

I didn't take calculus in high school and I don't remember a lot from pre-calculus, is there anything I should review/learn about for this class? Thanks!

Avnita C_4B
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Re: Pre-Calc and Calculus

Postby Avnita C_4B » Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:16 am

The math done in this class is pretty straight forward if you follow the formulas given in the problems and use the formula sheet. I do not think knowing calculus will advance anything as Professor Lavelle goes through each type of math used in lectures. You should be fine.

Cooper Baddley 1F
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Re: Pre-Calc and Calculus

Postby Cooper Baddley 1F » Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:10 am

It doesn't seem like a big background in calculus is really needed for the class as all the math is usually done through plugging in values into many different equations, so as long as you understand how to work the equations and what values are what you should be fine without any additional math preparation

Celena Kim 2I
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Re: Pre-Calc and Calculus

Postby Celena Kim 2I » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:15 pm

Most of the math that will be done is algebraic--isolating variables and rearranging equations. As long as you can do that, you won't have to worry about the math being too difficult!

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