How to make a New Post (submit a question) and use Equation Editor (click for details)

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How to make a New Post (submit a question) and use Equation Editor (click for details)

Postby Chem_Admin » Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:56 pm

How-To-Make a New Post

To make a new post (submit a question) you must be in a specific topic and then New Topic icon shows:

New Topic.png
New Topic.png (7.65 KiB) Viewed 35921 times

    Click the New Topic icon.
    Enter the Subject of your post/new topic.
    Then type your question.
    Then click "I agree".
    Then click "Submit".

Your post/question will then show under that specific topic.
Make sure to post under the correct topic.

Students can also stop by a UA Drop-In session if they need assistance with Chemistry Community, or ask another student to show them.

How-To-Use Equation Editor

    • To insert an equation, choose the “Equation Editor” located on the right of the toolbar.

    • A new window will open and you can type equations and mathematical functions in the box. There is also a separate area below the equation editing box to keep track of what is typed.

    *Note: Make sure what is displayed in the area below is shown the exact way it should be written before you select “Copy to Document.”

    • These Equation Editor Settings look good:
    gif, Verdana, (10pt) Normal, 100, Transparent, Inline (only)
    For example: text More text to test dx

    • You can type in any character or symbol from A-Z,a-z,0-9,( ),[ ],+,-,= from the keyboard. To insert other mathematical symbols and functions, choose the corresponding operation button on the toolbar and fill in the content.

    • To insert a formatting template (subscript, superscript, fraction, etc.)

    • To insert chemistry symbols (reaction arrow, equilibrium arrow, etc.)
      ⟶ Forward reaction arrow
      ⇌ Equilibrium arrow

    • To insert Greek letter (alpha, beta, gamma, delta etc.)
    Click and select Or enter a keyboard shortcut
      Alpha α \alpha
      Beta β \beta
      Gamma γ \gamma

    • To insert geometry
      ∵ Because
      ∴ Therefore
      ∠ Angle

    • To undo or redo an action,
      or keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Z Undo the previous action
      or keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Y Redo the previous action
      Clear Reset (clear) the content in the box

    • To insert mathematical functions such as trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, or logarithm, click and select the “Function” tab to choose the corresponding operation.

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