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Post Module Question

Postby SaniShabgahi3N » Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:58 pm

If an electron (mass 9.11 x 10-31 kg) has an associated wavelength of 7.28 x 10-9 m, what is its speed? Is your answer reasonable, why?
I continue getting the answer 1.00x10^4 and don't understand what I did wrong. Also, how would I know if the answer is reasonable compared to the speed of light.

Minu Reddy
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Re: Post Module Question  [ENDORSED]

Postby Minu Reddy » Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:43 pm

Perhaps, there is an error in your calculations because when you multiply the given wavelength by the mass of the electron you get a value that is 6.63*10^-39. Then when you divide "h" Planck's constant by that value you must get 1*10^5. In regards to if the answer is reasonable, I know that the speed of the electron must be less than the speed of light, but I am not sure to what degree this is applicable. Therefore, I would assume that the answer if d. But, I would really appreciate it if someone could please explain part B of this question in more detail!

Thank you

Alexandra Watts 3L
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Re: Post Module Question

Postby Alexandra Watts 3L » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:15 pm

The speed of the electron can not be faster than the speed of light, therefore if it the speed is a higher number than the speed of light the speed calculated would be unreasonable.

Janice Kim 3I
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Re: Post Module Question

Postby Janice Kim 3I » Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:48 pm

The speed of light is what we can compare to in terms of velocity. The answer cannot be reasonable if the speed is greater than the actual speed of light. It is similar to the concept of comparison when we are calculating the uncertainty in velocity. If the uncertainty is greater than the speed of light, then we are unable to localize the electron.

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