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Jessica Chen 2C
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Postby Jessica Chen 2C » Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:46 am

I know we didn't have to end up reporting the difference as a percentage of the wavelength of the neutron because the wavelengths were the same at 3 significant figures, but if we did, how would we go about doing that?

Kishan Shah 2G
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Re: 1B.19

Postby Kishan Shah 2G » Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:44 am

The answer for this question just ends up being that the wavelength of a proton and a neutron are identical to 3 significant figures. The solutions guide doesn't actually end calculating the final answer as a percentage of either the proton/neutron's weight. You just have to use the equation to find the wavelength of both particles and the answers are nearly identical to 3 significant figures.

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