Please help with homework 1.44

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Cecilia Tsai 3C
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Please help with homework 1.44

Postby Cecilia Tsai 3C » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:52 pm

The question in case you were wondering is:
What is the minimum uncertainty in the position of a hydrogen atom in a particle accelerator given that its speed is known to within +/- 5.0 m/s.

Thank you in advanced.

Ronald Yang 2F
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Re: Please help with homework 1.44

Postby Ronald Yang 2F » Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:23 pm

First, start off with Heisenberg's Indeterminacy Equation:. You can break down Δp into mΔv, since mass is constant, so . Δx is what you want to find. You can find Δv, which is uncertainty in velocity, by taking the +/- 5 m/s and multiplying it by 2, since the velocity ranges from 5 m/s above and below a certain velocity (not stated). m is what you can calculate with the information "a hydrogen atom." You would do dimensional analysis to yield the mass of that hydrogen atom, so . With this mass and Δv, 10 m/s, plug into the equation and solve for Δx to get 3.1*10^-9 m, or 3.1 nm.

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