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Postby Adrienne_4F » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:03 pm

Will we need to know the drawings for f- orbital?

Mikka Hoffman 1C
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Re: Orbitals

Postby Mikka Hoffman 1C » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:14 pm

I don't think so. On the practice problems in the textbook, it only asks you to draw the s- p- and d- orbitals, so I assume any test would not ask you to draw the f- orbital either since it's pretty complicated.

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Re: Orbitals

Postby rosemarywang4i » Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:16 pm

In class, Dr. Lavelle said we would be primarily concerning ourselves with only the s-block, p-block, and the first row of the d-block as those are the elements most commonly found in organic compounds. So we probably don't have to memorize the shapes of the f-orbitals.

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