Outline 2 Topic Confusion

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Eden Breslauer-Friedman 2A
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Outline 2 Topic Confusion

Postby Eden Breslauer-Friedman 2A » Thu Oct 29, 2020 7:31 pm

The following two statements are topics on Outline #2

1. Describe and identify s-, p-, and d- orbitals
2. Name and explain the relationship of each of the four s-, p- and d- orbitals to the properties of electrons in these states

Would the answer to number 2 just be the descriptions from the first? I'm not sure how to differentiate between the two.

Thank you!

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Re: Outline 2 Topic Confusion

Postby HilaGelfer_2H » Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:39 pm


I think the first sentence refers to describing the shape of the orbitals, how many subshells of the orbitals there are and any other descriptions of the orbital in general. And the second sentence refers to the relationship amongst the orbitals themselves and how they affect the electron's behavior. Thus, for the second point you would focus more on the behavior of the electrons in those orbitals and how that affects the atom as a whole where as in the first point you describe the orbital shape and properties.

I hope this helps :)

Saumya Tawakley 1E
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Re: Outline 2 Topic Confusion

Postby Saumya Tawakley 1E » Fri Oct 30, 2020 1:14 am

I think the first statement refers to knowing the general shape/structure of each of the s-, p-, d- orbitals (like from the diagrams in the lecture).
The second statement is probably referring to being able to describe properties of electrons in each orbital like electron density, number of nodal planes, number of orbitals, etc.

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