Sapling #21

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Rachel Kho Disc 2G
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Sapling #21

Postby Rachel Kho Disc 2G » Sun Nov 01, 2020 10:54 pm

The question is: how many electrons in an atom can have these sets of quantum numbers?

I was able to get the answers, but I'm having trouble with understanding why there are 14 electrons if n=5 and l=3. Would someone be able to help me out? Thanks!

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Re: Sapling #21

Postby SophiaJenny3I » Sun Nov 01, 2020 10:58 pm

Hi! So the l = 3 quantum number refers to the f orbital, which has 7 orbitals. Therefore, it could have 14 electrons, since there are two electrons per orbital. Hope this makes sense!

Marc Lubman 3B
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Re: Sapling #21

Postby Marc Lubman 3B » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:00 pm

If l=3, then we're talking about the f-orbital, and there are seven different axial f suborbitals. Each of these suborbitals can hold two electrons, so the f orbital can hold a total of 14 electrons. An easy way to see this is that if you look at the f-block of the periodic table (lanthanides and actinides), you can see that it is a row of 14 elements, and as you go along it each element adds an electron to its f orbital.

Chanel Mao 3D
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Re: Sapling #21

Postby Chanel Mao 3D » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:01 pm


Because n=5 and l=3, we are dealing with electrons in the 5F orbital. In this orbital, m can be -3,-2,-1,0,1,2, or 3 (basically 7 different orientations). Because there is a maximum of 2 electrons in each shell, there can be 14 electrons when n=5 and l=3. Hope this helps!

Callan Howard
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Re: Sapling #21

Postby Callan Howard » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:07 pm

Hi there,

looking at this table really helped me visualize the idea of electron affinity ... 00x381.png

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