Electron Configurations of Ions  [ENDORSED]

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Nicole Gamboa 2M
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Electron Configurations of Ions

Postby Nicole Gamboa 2M » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:07 pm

When talking about ions, are the amount of electrons being removed or added to the shell always going to make the shell full or empty? Or is there ever going to be a case where just one or two electrons are removed and leave the ion with a partially full shell?

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Re: Electron Configurations of Ions  [ENDORSED]

Postby Claudette_Contr_3I » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:36 pm

The majority of the time what is seen is electrons being removed or added to make the element more stable with a full or empty shell but there are exceptions. It is possible to have an ion become a partially full shell but it is rare because it makes the element very unstable so it will want to react to make it more stable. I doubt we will see any problems like that though in this class.

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