Homework Problem 2.93

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Sheel Shah 1H
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Homework Problem 2.93

Postby Sheel Shah 1H » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:27 am

The question depicts a reaction between a sodium atom and chlorine atom using illustrations and asks you to determine which molecule is each a)sodium atom b)chlorine atom c)sodium ion d)chlorine ion. The question itself is quite self-explanatory, but I believe the answer in the book is wrong or I may have made a mistake.

The picture is as follows:
A is a ball that is relatively small
B is a bigger sized ball
C is the biggest sized ball
D is the smallest sized ball
D<A<B<C (in terms of size)

Which ball corresponds to each atom/ion in the chemical reaction of a sodium atom and chlorine atom to form a sodium ion and chlorine ion?

Ryan Sydney Beyer 2B
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Re: Homework Problem 2.93

Postby Ryan Sydney Beyer 2B » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:12 am

Solutions Manual Error! I copied this from the link on Dr. Lavelle's website titled Solution Manual Errors ::

In the picture, it shows A (smaller atom) + B (larger atom) --> C (larger ion) + D (smaller ion)

The solution manual says that A=Na and B=Cl, and it references Figure 2.20 which explicitly lists the atomic radius of Na to be 154 pm and the atomic radius of Cl to be 99 pm.

It also says that C=Na+ and D=Cl-, referencing Figure 2.22 which shows that the ionic radius of Na+ to be 102 pm and the ionic radius of Cl- to be 181 pm.

Error: A=Na; B=Cl; C=Na+; D=Cl Correction:A=Cl ; B=Na; C=Cl-; D=Na+

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