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Jimmy lira-1G
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Postby Jimmy lira-1G » Tue May 08, 2018 9:42 pm

How do the ionization trends work for the periodic table ? For 1st ionization ? For 2nd ionization ?
For finding greatest or least of ionization

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Marina Souliman 1K
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Re: Ionization

Postby Marina Souliman 1K » Tue May 08, 2018 10:04 pm

Ionization is the energy needed to remove an electron from the atom so the farther away your electron is from the nucleus, the easier it is to remove. So it decreases as you go down the periodic table because the electrons are further away and it increases as you go across the periodic table because there's more attraction pulling the electrons inwards. The first ionization energy will always be less than the second ionization energy because it is always harder to remove the second electron when there's more attraction from the nucleus and less electron electron repulsion.

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