Periodic table

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Hannah Morales 1D
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Periodic table

Postby Hannah Morales 1D » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:00 am

What did he say about the trends for ionization energy and electronegative energy trends? And what exactly do they measure?

Jessica Dharmawan 1G
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Re: Periodic table

Postby Jessica Dharmawan 1G » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:23 am

I know that ionization energy is the energy needed to remove an electron from an atom. The further away the electron is from the nucleus, the easier it is to remove the electron. Ionization energies decrease down a group and increase across a period.

Aili Ye 4L
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Re: Periodic table

Postby Aili Ye 4L » Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:13 am

Ionization energy is the amount of energy required to remove the most loosely bound electron from a neutral atom in the gaseous state, whereas electronegativity is the measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons. Ionization energy increases across a period (more protons in an atom attracts electrons more strongly) and decreases down a group (due to electron shielding and greater atomic radius). Electronegativity has similar trends.

Sophia Ding 1B
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Re: Periodic table

Postby Sophia Ding 1B » Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:14 pm

Is there an explicit electronegativity trend? Or should we just know that the elements in the upper right corner (beside noble gases and He) are the most electronegative?

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Re: Periodic table

Postby Danielle_Gallandt3I » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:11 pm

There is not an explicit electronegativity trend because at some point the atoms with more protons (meaning a greater electron affinity) end up having so many electrons that their valence electrons are far away from the nucleus and so their electron affinity and electronegativity decreases. At that point it becomes difficult to determine the exact levels of electronegativity of elements. The main point to know is that elements in the top right of the periodic table tend to be more electronegative.

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