atomic radius

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atomic radius

Postby lasarro » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:25 am

What is an atomic radius and how do we calculate it?

Sanjana Munagala_1j
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Re: atomic radius

Postby Sanjana Munagala_1j » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:59 am

The atomic radius is half the distance between the centers of two neighboring atoms. We have not really needed to calculate atomic radius as of now, and I don't think we will need to know how to calculate it for this class.
Hope that helps!

Sally Qiu 2E
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Re: atomic radius

Postby Sally Qiu 2E » Sat Oct 26, 2019 10:08 am

atomic radius is the distance from the nucleus to the outmost shell. i don't think we need to calculate it; i would assume the atomic radius would be either given to us in a problem, or we can solve for it with basic math (correct me if i'm wrong though).

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Re: atomic radius

Postby SGonzales_3L » Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:24 am

We probably don't need to calculate it for this class, but it has been experimentally determined by measuring the distance between atom nuclei that bond together to form molecules and dividing the distance by 2 to get an individual atom's radius.

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