Avogadro's Constant

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Yazmin Bocanegra 3L
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Avogadro's Constant

Postby Yazmin Bocanegra 3L » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:29 pm

What does Avogadro's constant mean/measure? When do we need to use it?

Justin Sarquiz 2F
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Re: Avogadro's Constant

Postby Justin Sarquiz 2F » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:34 pm

Avogadro's constant tells us that there is 6.022 x 10^23 molecules or atoms in a mole. If we ever have grams or moles of an element, we can use Avogadro's constant to determine the number of molecules or atoms.

Melvin Reputana 1L
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Re: Avogadro's Constant

Postby Melvin Reputana 1L » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:36 pm

Avogadro’s constant is derived by finding the exact number of atoms in exactly 12 grams of carbon-12. Avogadro’s number is used to describe the number of objects per mole. These objects can be atoms, molecules, or ions. You should use Avogadro’s number when determining the number of these objects, or when you are given the amount of objects and need to convert to moles.

Victor James 4I
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Re: Avogadro's Constant

Postby Victor James 4I » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:38 pm

Avogadro's # is basically just 1 mole

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