Diffraction experiment for electron

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Wu Yuchen A1
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Diffraction experiment for electron

Postby Wu Yuchen A1 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:27 pm

What characters make cristal able to serve as two-line barrier to make electrons diffract?

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Re: Diffraction experiment for electron

Postby Chem_Mod » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:48 pm

I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you're asking why electrons are able to diffract, it's because electrons have wavelike character as opposed to particulate character as they were previously thought to be.

JD Malana
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Re: Diffraction experiment for electron

Postby JD Malana » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:45 pm

I think the question meant to ask what characteristics* of a crystal cause electrons to diffract.
I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's not so much that crystals have unique properties that make them refract photons and electrons-it's more that electrons just have less mass than the atoms in a crystal and so they are able to fit through gaps in the structure of crystals, right?
Like two masses cannot be in the same place at the same time right?

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