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Layla Manoochehri
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Postby Layla Manoochehri » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:51 pm

when an excitation in an atom occurs, does the electron lose or gain energy? i got this wrong on one of our tests so does anyone mind explaining it to me? thanks!

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Re: excitation

Postby spark99 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:56 pm

When an electron absorbs energy, it goes into an excited state. When it returns to its unexcited state, the electron loses energy by emitting it through light.

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Re: excitation

Postby 404982241 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:38 pm

To excite an electron it must be transferred energy. When an electron returns back to its normal state, it releases energy.

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