QM description

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Jamie Lee 1H
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QM description

Postby Jamie Lee 1H » Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:11 pm

In class, it was brought up that electrons have discrete energies with only certain wavelengths allowed inside an atom, what does this relate to? Does it relate to the detectable wavelike properties when de Broglie is greater than 10^-15 m?

ishaa Diwakar 4E
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Re: QM description

Postby ishaa Diwakar 4E » Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:15 pm

This relates to the photons emitted by the electrons after they drop from energy levels. Since they are discrete, they can only emit specific wavelengths, and therefore each atom has a unique emission spectrum.

Ally Huang- 1F
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Re: QM description

Postby Ally Huang- 1F » Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:46 am

Atoms can absorb only certain wavelengths based on the energy differences between energy levels in the atom. Many wavelengths may shine on the sample, but only a few are absorbed as electrons only have certain energies. In order for the atom to absorb the light coming in, the photon energy must match the energy difference between the energy levels(Delta E). If a photon energy doesn't correspond to a specific energy difference, the light will pass right through.

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