2A. 5 part b & d

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Aashka Popat 1A
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2A. 5 part b & d

Postby Aashka Popat 1A » Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:13 pm

This is the question: Give the ground-state electron configuration expected for
each of the following ions: (a) Cu+; (b) Bi3+; (c) Ga3+; (d) Tl3+

I figured out parts a and c, but my answers were wrong for part b and d, could anyone explain those electron configurations to me?

Marty Hockey
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Re: 2A. 5 part b & d

Postby Marty Hockey » Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:27 pm

Bi +3: The previous noble gas for Bi is Xenon so it starts out with |Xe| and then because it is in the 6th row we have to factor in the 4f column so the next sequence is |Xe|4f^14, following that we factor in the next d row as we normally would so |Xe|4f145d10, and then we add in the 6s as that is the order in which it is written (f, then d, then s), since it is 3+ that removes the p block and so we are left with |Xe|4f145d106s2. The same logic should be applied for d leaving you with |Xe|4f145d10

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