covalent character

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Adam Kramer 1A
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covalent character

Postby Adam Kramer 1A » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:02 pm

Can somebody please explain what exactly Lavelle meant by ionic bonds having "covalent character"?

Ada Chung 1C
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Re: covalent character

Postby Ada Chung 1C » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:07 pm

Ionic bonds can have covalent character because of their polarizability. This means that the electron cloud can be slightly distorted in a manner similar to that of a covalent bond.

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Re: covalent character

Postby SajaZidan_1K » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:08 pm

I believe he was just referring to the the characteristics of a bond being covalent in relation to its partial ionic character and propensity to attract electrons. He did then talk about how bonds could have both ionic and covalent characteristics, where the electronegativity difference determines whether it is classified as an ionic or covalent bond. He explains this when he went over the rough guideline of these characteristics.

Hannah Pham
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Re: covalent character

Postby Hannah Pham » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:27 pm

By having covalent character, there is partial sharing of electrons between atoms that have an ionic bond. The degree of ionic versus covalent character of a bond is determined by the difference in electronegativity between the atoms.

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