Double bond question

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Samantha Hoegl Roy 2C
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Double bond question

Postby Samantha Hoegl Roy 2C » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:37 pm

How come that when there is a double bond, there is one sigma bond and one pi bond? Why are not both pi bonds? Didn’t dr. Lavelle say something about bound atoms no longer being able to rotate?

Hannah Morales 1D
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Re: Double bond question

Postby Hannah Morales 1D » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:53 pm

As for the double bonds
I just think that as you increase in bonds you have this pattern:

1 bond: 1 sigma bond
Double bond: 1 sigma bond and 1 pi bond
Triple bond: 1 sigma bond and 2 pi bond.
(Found on the internet)

This is because the extra orbitals are so close together ( triple bonds shorter than double bonds and etc), making them side by side to overlap and form pi bonds. So if a triple bond makes the molecules closer you will have more orbitals interlacing each other= making more pi bonds. but this is just applying what I know about bonds and I’m not sure if that it is right)

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