Bond Character

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Samin Kabir
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Bond Character

Postby Samin Kabir » Sat Nov 07, 2020 3:24 pm

What is bond character and how do you determine whether it is ample or overwhelming?

Tanya Nguyen 1B
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Re: Bond Character

Postby Tanya Nguyen 1B » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:12 pm

Bond character is determined by the difference in electronegativity of the atoms involved. It should either be ionic or covalent. I am not sure what you mean by ample or overwhelming, but I hope this helps a little.

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Re: Bond Character

Postby Daniela_Martinez_3B » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:37 pm

There's a sapling hw question about whether the bond has ample or overwhelming bond character so I'm really confused on this too! I know that it's essentially asking if the bond is more of a single bond or more of a double bond based on the bond lengths, but the ample/overwhelming thing is really throwing me off.

Charlene D 3H
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Re: Bond Character

Postby Charlene D 3H » Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:34 pm

I read some other posts and it seems that ample behavior is when the expected and measured bond lengths are close enough to each other and overwhelming is when the values are very close or the same.
However, I too would like more context. Ie) is there a general value that distinguishes "ample" vs "overwhelming" bond character?
Thank you!

Ayesha Aslam-Mir 3C
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Re: Bond Character

Postby Ayesha Aslam-Mir 3C » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:04 pm

I believe bond character could also be associated with ionic vs covalent nature which could be related overall to the bond lengths. It could be similar to ionic character, where ions contribute to another molecule or atom's resonance. Replying to follow this post though because I would like a further explanation as well!

Melanie Krahn 1C
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Re: Bond Character

Postby Melanie Krahn 1C » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:08 pm

I'm not sure what the question means by ample/overwhelming character either! Does anyone know where it was mentioned in the lecture and/or our textbook?

Ivan Chen 2H
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Re: Bond Character

Postby Ivan Chen 2H » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:12 pm

Are ample/overwhelming actually scientific terms used to describe bond character or was it only used in that problem in order to differentiate between being slightly close and extremely close to the bond lengths?

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