"Polarizing power" in textbook

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"Polarizing power" in textbook

Postby EMurphy_2L » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:26 pm

Does having great polarizing power mean a small atomic radius? and having great polarizability mean having a large atomic radius?

Daniel Toscano 1L
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Re: "Polarizing power" in textbook

Postby Daniel Toscano 1L » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:36 pm

You're right. I see it as an atom with a small atomic radius holds its electrons more closely and is more willing to take electrons from others, while an atom with a large atomic radius holds its electrons more loosely, so its easier to take an electron away from it.
Also, keep the periodic trends of ionization energy and atomic radius in mind.

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Re: "Polarizing power" in textbook

Postby EmilyJoo_1G » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:37 pm

Yes. Small ions have high polarizing power because their nucleus is closer in distance to a neighboring ion's valence electrons, and therefore small ions far more able to distort the neighboring ion's electron cloud.

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