drawing dipole moments

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Katherine Wu 1H
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drawing dipole moments

Postby Katherine Wu 1H » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:40 pm

how do you find a dipole moment and how would you draw it?

JonathanS 1H
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Re: drawing dipole moments

Postby JonathanS 1H » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:45 pm

A dipole moment occurs in covalent bonds between atoms of differing electronegativities. To draw a dipole moment, draw an arrow from the lower electronegative atom towards the higher electronegative atom. The vector sum of these arrows will be the overall dipole moment for the molecule.

Brittney Hun 2C
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Re: drawing dipole moments

Postby Brittney Hun 2C » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:59 pm

Dipole moments are determined by the shape and structure of a molecule. So if there is charged asymmetry there is an electric field thus making it dipole. The equation u = q * d gives a mathematical representation. But if the molecule is asymmetric it has a dipole moment because the charges create the shape because of the difference in electron affinity (the electron's pulling ability) of an atom.

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Re: drawing dipole moments

Postby quresh3E » Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:50 pm

The main way to tell is if the molecule is asymmetric. You should take the formal charges and draw the S+ and S- accordingly on the atoms. Also, draw arrows to the most electronegative atoms.

Mitchell Koss 4G
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Re: drawing dipole moments

Postby Mitchell Koss 4G » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:37 pm

There is also the delta positive and delta negative symbols

Abby Soriano 1J
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Re: drawing dipole moments

Postby Abby Soriano 1J » Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:10 pm

Dipole moments occur when electrons are not equally shared in a covalent bond. The more electronegative atom pulls on the electrons more, resulting in a slightly negative charge on the atom. Dipole moments are depicted with an arrow pointing towards the atom with the slightly negative charge.

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