Angle Distortion

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Anokhi Patel 2B
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Angle Distortion

Postby Anokhi Patel 2B » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:43 pm

How do we know when a VSEPR model has a distortion like 106 degrees instead of the traditional 109.5 degrees for tetrahedral bonds.

Trinity Vu 1D
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Re: Angle Distortion

Postby Trinity Vu 1D » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:47 pm

The tetrahedral bond angles become distorted when the central atom has lone pair(s) of electrons. Since the repulsion strength between a lone [air and bonding pair of electrons is greater than bonding-bonding pairs, the lone pair of electrons force the bonding electrons closer together. Thus the bond angles become smaller.

Sydney Jacobs 1C
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Re: Angle Distortion

Postby Sydney Jacobs 1C » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:51 pm

For example, in the case of a trigonal pyramidal shape, in which there are 3 bonding pairs and one lone pair, the lone pair- bonding pair repulsion is stronger than a bonding pair- bonding pair repulsion. This condenses the angle to less than 109.5. The tetrahedral shape lacks this lone pair-bonding pair repulsion, allowing the angle to be 109.5.

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Re: Angle Distortion

Postby 205154661_Dis2J » Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:16 pm

We can tell when a VSEPR model has distortion because usually the central atom will have a lone pair or more. When the central atom has a lone pair, it pushes the bond electrons closer to one another, thereby making the bond angle smaller.

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Re: Angle Distortion

Postby JasonKwon_3k » Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:20 pm

To answer by which factor the distortion affects the bond angles, you can remember the order in which they vary in strength (with lone pair-lone pair being the greatest and atom-atom) being the least.

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