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Postby ShravanPatel2B » Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:55 pm

Can someone walk me through the shape and bond angle for (CH3)2 Be. Since Be would be the central atom and it only forms two bonds would the shape of the overall structure be based off of the Carbons or the Be that is in the middle?


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Re: 2E.19

Postby Zaynab Hashm 2I » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:08 pm

Be would form two bonds (one with each CH3).

If it asked about the shape with respect to the central atom (Be), it would be linear (this would also be the shape of the overall structure).
If it asked about the shape with respect to the carbon atom, it would be tetrahedral.

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Re: 2E.19

Postby Khushboo_3D » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:24 pm

In addition to the previous answer, the bond angle for linear would be 180 degrees and for tetrahedral will be 109.5 degrees

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