Sapling #17

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Melody Haratian 2J
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Sapling #17

Postby Melody Haratian 2J » Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:36 pm

Hi guys! I was doing the sapling Homework for week 7/8 and had trouble on number 17. The question is draw the three possible structures of C3H4 and the follow up question to it is to select the choice that contains all of the bond angles that are represented in the structures of C3H4. I was able to draw the C3H4 molecules correctly but don’t understand why one of the bond angles in the molecule is 60 degrees. Can someone explain this to me?

Sophia Spungin 2E
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Re: Sapling #17

Postby Sophia Spungin 2E » Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:41 pm

I may be wrong, but I believe that the 60º angle comes from the structure in which the three carbons form a triangle-shape. Since the angles of a triangle add up to 180º, each angle between carbons in this structure should be around 60º.
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Immi Lee - 1D
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Re: Sapling #17

Postby Immi Lee - 1D » Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:47 pm

I believe Sophia is correct. Even with the double bond on C, the three Carbons in the triangular shape should give if not exactly 60º then approximately 60º in bond angle.

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