Extra P-Orbital

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Abby Ellstrom 1I
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Extra P-Orbital

Postby Abby Ellstrom 1I » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:49 pm

Why when drawing the hybridized orbitals in Aufbau format is there sometimes an extra P-orbital above the hybridized ones?

Hena Sihota 1L
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Re: Extra P-Orbital

Postby Hena Sihota 1L » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:25 pm

This occurs when there is sp or sp^2. For sp only one of the 3 p orbitals is hybridized along with the 1 s orbital. Therefore, there are 2 sp hybridized orbitals and 2 unhybridized p orbitals. The same goes for sp^2 except 2 of the p orbitals are hybridized along with the 1 s orbital and 1 of the p orbitals is left unhybridized. Therefore there are 3 hybridized sp^2 orbitals and 1 unhybridized p orbital. Unhybridized p orbitals are higher in energy than the hybridized orbitals, so those unhybridized p orbitals are drawn above the hybridized orbitals. Orbitals can't disappear, so if you start out with 4 orbitals in the unhybridized state, there must still be 4 orbitals in the hybridized state.

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