Bond Order

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Bond Order

Postby Kiara1F » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:19 pm

The smaller the value of a bond order the stringer it is right? Or is it the one with the lower number for the bond order is stronger?

Ana Ordonez 1G
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Re: Bond Order

Postby Ana Ordonez 1G » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:06 pm

I think it is the larger the BO, the shorter the bond length meaning the bond is strong. So, if the BO is small the bond length is big and therefore the bond is weak.

Yasmine Choroomi 2C
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Re: Bond Order

Postby Yasmine Choroomi 2C » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:33 pm

Hi! It's actually the higher the bond order the stronger the bond. So a bond order of three is stronger than a bond order of 1 because a triple bond is shorter and stronger than a single bond!

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