Ligand Attachments

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Justin Chu 1G
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Ligand Attachments

Postby Justin Chu 1G » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:16 am

Is there a way to tell just by looking at the formula or name of a ligand to tell if it is polydentate (ex: en is bidentate) or would those just have to be memorized?

Lily Sperling 1E
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Re: Ligand Attachments

Postby Lily Sperling 1E » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:24 am

You can think about it by how many points at which the ligand attaches to the central metal atom. One time - mono dentate, two times - bidentate etc. If it's too difficult to think about, you can also draw them out to get a visual representation.

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