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Coordination #

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:55 pm
by Kimberly 1H
Does the coordination number also refer to the total number of ligands in a compound and what is the significance of finding the coordination number?

Re: Coordination #

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:12 pm
by Julia Go 2L
The coordination number is the number of atoms, ions, or molecules that a central atom holds. To answer your question, yes the total number of ligands is equal to the coordination number.

Knowing the coordination number is useful when writing the molecular equation of a coordination compound and naming the complex. Remember that when you name the ligand in coordination complexes, you have to use the Greek prefix that corresponds to the number of ligands. This is essentially the coordination number. For example, if there is a coordination number of 5, you would use the Greek prefix penta-

Re: Coordination #

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:24 pm
by Rami_Z_AbuQubo_2K
I would think of it as areas that are bonded around the central atom. It is similar to the electron geometry structures of compounds, but rather than looking at area of electron density, you look at areas with atoms and ions.