Transition Metals

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Jada Brown 2H
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Transition Metals

Postby Jada Brown 2H » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:20 am

Does the central atom of a coordination compound always have to be a transition metal? Why or why not?

Deepika Reddy 1A
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Re: Transition Metals

Postby Deepika Reddy 1A » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:55 am

I believe that a majority of the time, only transition metals are able to form coordination compounds and are the central atoms of them. This is because they normally do not make bonds like the main group atoms do. Main group atoms will normally form covalent or ionic bonds, however it is sometimes possible for them to form these compounds and be the central atom.

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Re: Transition Metals

Postby kevinolvera1j » Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:36 pm

Transition are also favored for coordination compounds because they often appear as cations.

chari_maya 3B
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Re: Transition Metals

Postby chari_maya 3B » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:16 pm

Does it also have something to do with the variable valencies of transition metals and flexibility in oxidation states?

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