HW 12.69 Q about spectator ions

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Michelle Fu 1H
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HW 12.69 Q about spectator ions

Postby Michelle Fu 1H » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:47 pm

I understand the concept of spectator ions but I don't understand how to "break up" compounds to make acids or bases.

For example: AlCl3
2AlCl3 + 3H2O = Al2O3 (s) + 6HCl

How do you know it doesn't break up like
AlCl3+ 3H2O = Al(OH)3 + 3HCl instead? Does it make a difference which one you use?

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Re: HW 12.69 Q about spectator ions

Postby Chem_Mod » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:26 pm

For AlCl3 the Cl- will completely dissociate, the Al3+, however, will make the solution acidic because it likes to attract OH- from the water and therefore produce H3O+

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