HW problem 5.39 7th edition

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Gisela F Ramirez 2H
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HW problem 5.39 7th edition

Postby Gisela F Ramirez 2H » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:09 pm

0.020mol of NO2 was introduced into a flask of 1.00L and 2NO2 (g) <---> N2O4 was allowed to come to equilibrium at 298K.

To calculate the concentrations of both gases. I use the K(c) from Table 5G.2 and then would I use an ice chart?
(since the K(c) in the table is for the reaction N204 <---> 2NO2, would that change its sign for the reaction given in the problem?)

Matthew Tran 1H
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Re: HW problem 5.39 7th edition

Postby Matthew Tran 1H » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:33 pm

You are correct in using the ICE table; however, you should not make Kc negative. That doesn't make sense as Kc is a ratio of products to reactants, and it's impossible to have a negative concentration. If you recall, when you change the reaction (multiplying by a factor, reversing the reaction), you raise the original Kc to the power of the change, e.g. reversal is Kc^-1, multiplying by 2 is Kc^2.

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