Negligible X

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David Sarkissian 1K
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Negligible X

Postby David Sarkissian 1K » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:56 pm

What is the rule that can be applied when using an ice table that states you can ignore certain x values? I remember reading that it has to be less than 5% of the K value given, but always get confused when it comes to applying that rule. Something to do with 10^(-3)? Clarification would help out tremendously.

Diana Bibireata 1B
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Re: Negligible X

Postby Diana Bibireata 1B » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:18 pm

If the given K value is less than 10^-3 then you can use the approximation method where x is so small that the change it causes to the equilibrium concentration is negligible.

Carine Tamamian 2B
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Re: Negligible X

Postby Carine Tamamian 2B » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:25 pm

The 5% rule, so if your equilibrium value is smaller than 10^-3, you can ignore that x to make your calculation easier.

Mark 1D
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Re: Negligible X

Postby Mark 1D » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:32 pm

X is zero if 5% of initial concentration or if K less than 10^-3

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