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Postby Christineg1G » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:30 pm

How would you know when to use Ka x Kb= Kw when solving for pH? For example in 6D.17 (a) you would need to find the Kb value using Kb= Kw/Ka.
I know you would use it for finding the pH of salt solutions, but what are some indicators to help let us know that we need to use that constant?

Skyllar Kuppinger 1F
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Re: Kw

Postby Skyllar Kuppinger 1F » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:33 pm

an example of when you would need to use that equation is if you are being asked to do some sort of problem involving an acid but are only give the Kb of its conjugate base (and vice versa)

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