Strong Acids

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Elizabeth Bowen 1J
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Strong Acids

Postby Elizabeth Bowen 1J » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:08 pm

How do we know if something's a strong acid/base?

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Re: Strong Acids

Postby TarynD_1I » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:11 pm

From what I remember from 14a,
Strong acids include: HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, HBr, HI, HClO4
Strong bases are mostly bases that include OH in the chemical formula (ex: NaOH, KOH)

Renee Grange 1I
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Re: Strong Acids

Postby Renee Grange 1I » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:12 pm

We know something is a strong acid or base if it fully dissociates in water.
Some common strong acids are:
HCl4, HCl, HBr, HI, HNO3, H2SO4
Some common strong bases are :
LiOH, NaOH, KOH, Ca(OH)2, Sr(OH)2, Br(OH)2

Jaklin Astvatsatryan
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Re: Strong Acids

Postby Jaklin Astvatsatryan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:13 pm

Best way is to memorize the strong acids. But a strong acid completely dissociates in a solution so that's another way to tell a difference.

Jasmine Kim 1L
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Re: Strong Acids

Postby Jasmine Kim 1L » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:14 pm

It's also helpful to know that the problem will most likely give you the Ka and Kb of weak acids and bases, so if they're not given, the acid/base is most likely strong.

Catherine Daye 1L
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Re: Strong Acids

Postby Catherine Daye 1L » Sun Feb 09, 2020 10:20 pm

You need to memorize the strong acids (there are only a few) and strong bases are elements in the first 2 columns and OH

Amy Kumar 1I
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Re: Strong Acids

Postby Amy Kumar 1I » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:10 am

Since strong acids dissociate completely, a Ka value is usually not given.

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