new initial for an ICE box

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new initial for an ICE box

Postby Grace_Aspinwall4J » Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:55 pm

Problem 11.67 I could not figure out how to solve using a normal ICE box so I looked at the solutions manual, they solved it with and ICE box but they added a new initial to the ice box. I understand where they got the original because they were given in the problem but I do not understand how they got the new initial or why they did it that way. Here is the problem, any explanation?

Pressures 2HCI --> H2 + CI2
original 2.0 1.0 3.0
new initial 4.0 0 2.0
change -2x +x +x
final 4-2x +x 2+x

Jonathan Shih 3H
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Re: new initial for an ICE box

Postby Jonathan Shih 3H » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:20 pm

Essentially, what they were trying to accomplish was removing a "number - x" and instead just having an "x" from the equilibrium calculations. They did so by shifting the equation left to favor the reactants, so it consumed the only mole of H2 and also one mole of CI2 (done by looking at the coefficients).

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