Le Chatelier and water

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Arianna Ko 2E
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Le Chatelier and water

Postby Arianna Ko 2E » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:42 pm

If you add water, does this effect in whether reaction will form reactant and product? Same for if you remove water, because water is a liquid, so does it have an effect on K.

Jeannine 1I
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Re: Le Chatelier and water

Postby Jeannine 1I » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:45 pm

Since we don't include liquids or solids in K-values, adding water won't change the K-value.The only thing that would affect it is if the concentrations of the reactants or products are increased/decreased, but if the concentrations remain the same, adding water won't affect it.

Andrea Zheng 1H
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Re: Le Chatelier and water

Postby Andrea Zheng 1H » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:50 pm

Water in liquid form would not affect the Q or K of a reaction. Because water(l) doesn't affect Q, if you added water to a system at equilibrium, the Q would equal K, meaning the system remains at equilibrium.

This is only if water is in liquid form. If it is a gas then you would use that in calculations for Q and K.

Rosha Mamita 2H
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Re: Le Chatelier and water

Postby Rosha Mamita 2H » Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:30 pm

I believe that water in a gas form would effect the resulting K value. However liquids and solids aren't included in K expressions and therefore have no effect on the K value

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