Ionisation  [ENDORSED]

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Isabella Barkett 1G
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Postby Isabella Barkett 1G » Sun May 27, 2018 5:46 pm

How do strong and weak acids differ in the extent of ionisation?

Jimmy lira-1G
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Re: Ionisation

Postby Jimmy lira-1G » Sun May 27, 2018 11:19 pm

So I looked up your question and did some research and found link that is really helpful check it out !! ... constants/

-Jimmy Lira 1g

Eugene Chung 3F
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Re: Ionisation  [ENDORSED]

Postby Eugene Chung 3F » Sun May 27, 2018 11:21 pm

A strong acid will completely ionize in water while a weak acid will only partially ionize.

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