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Ayesha Aslam-Mir 3C
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Postby Ayesha Aslam-Mir 3C » Sat Dec 05, 2020 11:49 am

What are oxoacids and their application? Are they in organic or inorganic compounds? When are oxoacids considered in the scope of this unit?

Lea Baskin Monk 1F
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Re: Oxoacids?

Postby Lea Baskin Monk 1F » Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:24 pm

An oxoacid is just an acid that contains an oxygen atom bonded to a hydrogen atom (with at least one other element in there too such as sulfur or nitrogen). Some examples are sulfuric acid (H2SO4), phosphoric acid (H3PO4), and nitric acid (HNO3). You'll see them come up in this class as Brønsted acids in some acid-base reactions.

Sera Aintablian 2E
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Re: Oxoacids?

Postby Sera Aintablian 2E » Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:29 am

Oxoacids are acids that contain oxygen. Their trends are the following:
1. more oxygens, more acidic (due to resonance)
2. more electronegative central atom, more acidic (inductive effect)

Gabriel Nitro 1E
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Re: Oxoacids?

Postby Gabriel Nitro 1E » Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:04 am


Oxoacids are acids containing an oxygen. (i.e. HNO3 for example).

They are most commonly found in organic acids, such as a acetic acid. (i.e. HC2H3O2)

In the scope of this course, one of the main things you'll need to know is the effect of the additional number of oxygen atoms on an acid in terms of acidic character. For instance, let's compare HClO4 and HClO. The higher number of oxygen atoms on HClO4 allows the electron density of the H-O bond to be more destabilized as the electrons are pulled towards the more electronegative oxygen atoms, making it a stronger acid as it is more likely to yield a proton (i.e. H+) in solution.

Hope this helps! :)

Nhu Pham-Dis3G
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Re: Oxoacids?

Postby Nhu Pham-Dis3G » Mon Dec 07, 2020 2:51 pm

Oxoacid is an acid that contains oxygen, hydrogen, and one other element that has at least one hydrogen atom bond to oxygen that can dissociate to produce the hydrogen cation and anion of the acid.

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