Textbook 6D.15 part b

The Conjugate Seesaw

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Racquel Fox 2I
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Textbook 6D.15 part b

Postby Racquel Fox 2I » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:44 pm

Calculate the pH of (b) 0.055 M AlCl3(aq).

Where do you find the Ka/Kb value for this part? I can't find it in the 6C.1 and 6C.2 tables?

Samantha Pedersen 2K
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Re: Textbook 6D.15 part b

Postby Samantha Pedersen 2K » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:48 pm

I had this same question! Al3+ takes the form of Al(H2O)6 3+, and someone replied to my post letting me know that we can find the Ka value for Al(H2O)6 3+ in Table 6D.1 in Topic 6D of the textbook!

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