Problem 12.25 6th edition

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Problem 12.25 6th edition

Postby Jane Burgan 1C » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:40 pm

Calculate the initial molarity of Ba(OH)2 and the molarities of Ba2 , OH , and H3O in an aqueous solution that contains 0.43 g of Ba(OH)2 in 0.100 L of solution.
How do you do this problem?

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Re: Problem 12.25 6th edition

Postby Chem_Mod » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:43 am

First, you must find the molarity of Ba(OH)2. Review fundamentals from the very beginning of the quarter.
For every one mole of Ba(OH)2 you have, you also have 2 moles of OH. Calculate [OH-].
Use Kw equation where [H+][OH-]=Kw to solve for H+.

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