Knowing whether a salt is acidic or basic

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Matt Sanruk 2H
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Knowing whether a salt is acidic or basic

Postby Matt Sanruk 2H » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:28 pm

Does this depend on whether or not the ion is a strong conjugate acid/base?

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Re: Knowing whether a salt is acidic or basic

Postby JasonLiu_2J » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:58 pm

The ability of the salt to affect the pH of a solution does to an extent depend on whether the salt consists of strong conjugate acids/bases. Strong conjugate acids/bases result from weak acids and weak bases, which means that these conjugates will have a greater ability to affect water molecules and change the pH of the solution. They are more likely to protonate/deprotonate water molecules to achieve the weak acid/base molecule, thus affecting pH and the acidicity/basicity of the solution. Similarly, if you have the conjugate acids/bases of strong acids and bases (AKA weak conjugate acids/bases), then they will have a minimal effect on the pH because they will want to stay in their conjugate forms. As an example, if the salt consists of the conjugate acid of a weak base and the conjugate base of a strong acid, it will have a strong conjugate acid and a weak conjugate base. This results in a more acidic solution when the salt is placed in water as it would decrease pH. Hope this helps.

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