Practice Test?

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Nahal 1F
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Practice Test?

Postby Nahal 1F » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:16 pm

Is there a practice test for Test #1?

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Re: Practice Test?

Postby Humza_Khan_2J » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:42 pm

There is no practice test; the homework is probably going to be your best bet as to what problems are going to look like. In my opinion, the best exercises to gauge your knowledge of the subject matter are the Integrated Exercises that were assigned in the problem set.

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Re: Practice Test?

Postby 104922499 1F » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:46 pm

there are no practice tests but some UA's have made worksheets you could practice from. One of them is from Karen Leung I believe. She posted it here so if you search her name it'll probably pop up.

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