6th edition 8.15

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Jeremiah Hutauruk
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6th edition 8.15

Postby Jeremiah Hutauruk » Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:03 pm

8.15 In an adiabatic process, no energy is transferred as heat. Indicate whether each of the following statements about an adiabatic process in a closed system is always true, always false, or true in certain conditions (specify the conditions):
(a) U 0; (b) q 0; (c) q 0; (d) U q; (e) U w.

Xuan Kuang 2L
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Re: 6th edition 8.15

Postby Xuan Kuang 2L » Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:30 pm

Hello, I hope these answers help!
a) The change in internal energy would only be zero if q+w=0. Since we've established no energy is transferred as heat (q=0) we can then say that this statement is only true when w=0, or if no work is done
b) This is always true because the question stated that there is no energy transferred as heat
c) This is always false since we've already established that q=0 for all cases
d) This statement is only true when there is no work done (w=0). (essentially, this equivalates to 0 though, since q=0)
e) This statement is always true. Since q=0, the change in internal energy is thus q+w ----> 0+w -----> w

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