Standard formation deltaH

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Netpheel Wang 4L
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Standard formation deltaH

Postby Netpheel Wang 4L » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:16 pm

I'm confused with what exactly deltaH of formation means and how we apply it/use it

Julia Lung 1I
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Re: Standard formation deltaH

Postby Julia Lung 1I » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:35 pm

Standard Enthalpy of Formation (deltaH) is the most stable form of a molecule. You would use: ΔH(of formation) = Sum of ΔH(of formation of products) - ΔH(of formation of reactants). This is the 3rd method to find enthalpy changes from last weeks lecture.

Sarah Kiamanesh 1D
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Re: Standard formation deltaH

Postby Sarah Kiamanesh 1D » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:38 pm

delta H of formation is the change in enthalpy during the formation of one mole of the substance from its constituent elements. It's used in calculating the change in enthalpy of a reaction, where we calculate the delta formation of the products and subtract that of the reactants from it.

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