Cpm and Cvm

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vibha gurunathan 1h
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Cpm and Cvm

Postby vibha gurunathan 1h » Wed Jan 29, 2020 11:35 am

Why is Cpm (5/2)R and why is Cvm (3/2)R?

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Re: Cpm and Cvm

Postby DarrenKim_1H » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:45 pm

I believe its because they are fundamentally different constants. Cv is under constant volume and Cp is under constant pressure, so they are different

Connor Chappell 2B
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Re: Cpm and Cvm

Postby Connor Chappell 2B » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:47 pm

These are considered to be fundamentally differnet constants, given and acquired through different sets of conditions. Cvm is under constant volume, while Cpm is under conditions of constant pressure.

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