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Jada Brown 2H
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Postby Jada Brown 2H » Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:22 pm

In the context of a calorimeter, what do the terms system and surroundings refer to?

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Re: Calorimeter

Postby romina_4C » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:01 pm

The system is the reaction itself, and the surroundings are the "chamber". So if the reaction is endothermic, the surroundings should lower in temperature while the system, the reaction, gains heat. If the reaction is exothermic, the surroundings should increase in temperature while the system (rxn) loses heat.

Ryan Lee 1E
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Re: Calorimeter

Postby Ryan Lee 1E » Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:19 pm

For instance, in a simple calorimeter, the system would be the reaction itself and the surroundings would be the water. The water is the surrounding that absorbs the heat of the reaction.

Harry Zhang 1B
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Re: Calorimeter

Postby Harry Zhang 1B » Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:31 pm

The calorimeter often consists of the container and a solvent(typically water). The system refers to the chemical reaction happening right inside the solution, and the surroundings would be the solvent(the water) and the container.

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