Unit Conversions

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Unit Conversions

Postby madisondesilva1c » Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:21 pm

Within the SI Units, when converting is there a helpful reminder to remember the order of units, and is it sufficient to multiply to convert g to kg by multiplying by 10^-1 or must you simplify what the value truly is using the new units?

Matthew Tran 1H
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Re: Unit Conversions

Postby Matthew Tran 1H » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:15 pm

I don't know if there's any type of mnemonic device for unit conversions, but here are some of the more common prefixes:
mega-(M) = 1 x 10^6
kilo-(k) = 1 x 10^3
deci-(d) = 1 x 10^-1
milli-(m) = 1 x 10^-3
micro-(lowercase greek letter mu) = 1 x 10^-6
nano-(n) = 1 x 10^-9
pico-(p) 1 x 10^-12

The letter in parentheses is what goes before the standard unit e.g. millimeter = mm, picometer = pm, etc.
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Hannah Pham 1D
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Re: Unit Conversions

Postby Hannah Pham 1D » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:21 pm

Remembering conversions generally just happens over time with practice through homework and classwork problems. To convert from g to kg, divide by 1000.

Albert Duong 4C
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Re: Unit Conversions

Postby Albert Duong 4C » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:38 pm

Another helpful tip is to remember that when going from small to large units (e.g. g to kg), the numerical value should do the opposite and get smaller (e.g. 1000 g becomes 1 kg).

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Re: Unit Conversions

Postby LaurenJuul_1B » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:26 am

Here are a couple mnemonic devices that list the order from largest to smallest:

King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk (kilo, hecto, deka, unit, deci, centi, milli)
Kittens Hate Dogs But Do Chase Mice (kilo, hecto, deca, base, deci, centi, milli)
Good Models Know How Dunkin Donuts Can Make U Not Petit (giga, mega, kilo, hecto, deca, deci, centi, milli, micro (symbol looks like a “U”), nano, pico)

and here are what they correlate to:
UNIT (meter, ect.) 10^0

if you google mnemonic devices you can find some others as well! it just depends on how many you wish to remember

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